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 #400 Complete Starter Kit only $12.00

American are Burnt out on cigarettes. Enjoy a safer smoke without the tar, flame, ash, fire, carbon monoxide and dozens of other toxic chemicals that are in your regular cigarette.
The rechargeable electronic cigarette is low cost, starting at just 12.00 - This product can be used with our cartomizers. Each cartomizers is equal to about 500 puffs.  But this can vary greatly depending on the smoker. You can also refill your cartomizers using our nicotine oils.  This will save you money!
Portable Dry Vaporizer - This has been designed to smoke dry herbs.  Many of our customer use this product with the clear atomizer to smoke the nicotine oil.  Each puff will produce a much larger volume of vapor than any electronic cigarette. We offer a 30 day risk free trial period before charging you the full cost of this product.

Call for details!  800-408-5840

Many of our customers enjoy smoking various dry herbs with this portable vaporizer.  It will instantly heat the herb without any flame. This will Greatly reduce by products caused by combustion.  Better Flavor and less odor! Try it and you will be amazed at the difference!

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#400 Complete Starter Kit
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